Vedic Chanting

The Vedas are a collection of mantras and are the oldest of the Indian Texts.  The six Indian philosophies, one of which is Yoga, evolved from the wisdom derived from the Vedas.  Vedic chanting is an oral tradition and the mantras were passed down by word of mouth from teacher to student for thousands of years.  Mantra means 'to protect' and each mantra is selected to bring about a desired effect in the chanter.  Said to be revealed to sages while in a state of deep meditation, it is essential that the mantras are chanted accurately to preserve their authenticity. 

I have recently completed my training as a Vedic Chant Teacher under the tuition of Radha Sundararajan, chosen by TKV Desikachar to lead the teaching of this ancient tradition. 

I run a monthly session at my home studio.  No experience is necessary.  Come along and discover the power of sound.  £15 per 2 hour session.  Refreshments included.